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Premium sandwich

Light, vegetarian sandwich is ideal for the upcoming hot days! This summer, our combination of mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes and arugula in a refreshing dressing will be the food for your senses!
Premium sandwich

For all bitter taste lovers, we have prepared exciting combination of chicken fillet in oyster sauce, cheese, iceberg lettuce, Chinese cabbage and colorful peppers! Ready for adventures!
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Premium sandwich

If you are − despite the heat − incorrigible gourmet , or if you need additional energy - you can treat yourself with a delicious homey combination of bacon, ham, sour cream, mayonnaise, cheese and rich mixture of fresh vegetables. You won't regret!
Premium sandwich

Discover your soft-spot! Juicy chicken nuggets covered with crunchy coating, topped in UkusNo.1 sauce, nested in Iceberg lettuce and radicchio will sweep you off your feet!
Catering Program

Try our rich, delicious and creatively decorated menu consisting of many domestic and international flavors for all types of your private or business events! For the most delicious gatherings and tasteful moments!
Chicken salad

Find out why this flavor has captured the hearts of so many people around the world! Experience our magical combination of grilled chicken, Iceberg lettuce, arugula, Caesar dressing and croutons. Just lift up the lid!
Premium sandwich

Meet our Curry sandwich! This delicious combination of marinated chicken, curry sauce, Iceberg salad in our excellent integral baguette won’t betray your senses! Striving toward East!
Premium sandwich

Experience Greek sea impression! Indulge in authentic flavors of oregano chicken, Tzatziki sauce, freshness of Iceberg salad and red onion in a delicious corn baguette! Wave is when these layers collide!
About us…

Banila company is the production of sandwiches and catering established in 2009. with offices in Kaludjerica, Belgrade. We are dedicated to creation of sandwiches... more >>


We are reliable producer, wholesaler and distributor of sandwiches and catering for : cafés, sandwich bars, faculties, hospitals, swimming pools, sport centres, hotels, etc. more >>

HORECA – distribution

Through the continuous development, Banila company aims to make its products available to the customers on different locations in Serbia with reasonable and affordable prices. more >>



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